Monday, December 14th, 2015

A call is a divine selection and appointment for a special assignment. God has called certain individuals into some specific tasks which others are not called to. It is beyond talents and gifts and although it centers on ministry, it is not limited to ministry. There are examples of people who were specifically called into specific domains of life beyond the ministry and they prospered as a result of yielding to it.

In a disorderly, violent time, as Israel fought for land and survival, Deborah was called, and she stepped forward to aid her people. Martin Luther King was also called among many things to steer the heart of America away from the injustice of racism.

A person’s calling usually comes with special grace from God for accomplishment. God does not call us based upon our aptitude, gifts, and talents, but He still uses them to aid our calling. David was a shepherd when God called him and his experience with the cattle became handy as the shepherd of Israel. What God designs you for is what he assigns you to do. Do not try to shoulder the burdens for which you are not designed. When you locate your calling, it causes you to prosper in your season.

You flourish easily in any season when you focus your energy on who and what you are and the tasks God has assigned to you. You will surely prosper either by identifying your talents and gifts or by receiving a call from God, each of which can only be accessed through the help of the Holy Spirit. Connect with the Holy Spirit so He can help you recognize God’s plan for your life.