Meet The Groups In Daniel Generation


Our groups in Daniel Generation are designed to fit everyone into active participation roles. If you have an interest that does not fit into any of these, we’ll create one for you. All that is needed is a heart willing to serve God.

Choir: Essey Edobor
The DG Choir is a group of individuals with singing talents paired with a desire to exalt God through the song ministrations. There is always room for new members so please contact the choir leader and give glory God through your singing talent.

Hospitality: Bola Sowemimo
Our hospitality team is the welfare portion of DG that attends to the needs of individuals as well as small and large events. This a great opportunity to be a helper in the house of God and serve others in ways God honours. There is a great need in this department for more members willing to serve, take time out to see the overall wellbeing of others.

Career & Academics: Adetutu Omololu
Career and academics are an important part of every young person’s life. We encourage and support your study life as well as career goals at the academic team by teaming up with people in your field and helping you reach those goals with direction from the Holy Spirit.

Events: Seyi Akinnawonu
A large part of DG is the events and programs that are created as spiritual avenues as directed by the Holy Spirit to draw youths from different backgrounds in order to achieve the vision stated. There is a lot of organizing and planning that is fun and with a glorious end. So if your interest lies in events planning, do consider joining this and give all the glory to God.

Media & Publicity: Deji Mosuro
This team is focused on DG Communications. This team focuses on implementing skills towards internal and external branding of DG. This includes posters, tracts, websites, brochures, etc for small and large events.

Protocol: Seyi Dairo
It takes a whole different skill set to run things in real time. This team is very organized and ensures that order is maintained in various events and programs.

Finance: Mayowa Shittu
Welcome to the finance and business department of DG. Finance plays an important role in promoting and propagating the gospel through strategic planning and allocation of resources. This department consists of trusted and disciplined individuals that are dedicated to seeing the fulfillment of the vision through the management of funds and resources.

Dance (One Spirit Dancers): Effey Edobor
Dancing is an art of expression. This group is focused on praising God through dance ministrations and a use of talent to the glory of God, not man.

Prayer: Seyi Adebola
This is the labour room of the Spirit where direction and visions are birthed. There is room for ANYONE to join this team and grow in prayer.

Theatre and Drama: Chidinma Nwosu
This team puts together thought-provoking presentations to ignite people’s spirits about the ways of God. New ideas and insightful scripts as inspired by the Holy Spirit are welcome. Join this team and use your talent for drama to the glory of God.

Secretary & Vice President: Indira Bosire