Eternity FC

It began in the summer of 2012 as a small group of volunteers desiring to be good examples in their community. Eternity FC played its first official game on October 25, 2012.

To create an avenue where talented amateur soccer players can be brought together under a godly and loving environment resulting in raising role models.

♣ Passion
♣ Discipline
♣ Excellence
♣ Teamwork

There are about 50 members. Though we can only feature 25-30 players in a given season, there are others who do not make the 25 man roster but are considered members. Out of the 25 players, we have a captain and an assistant captain. All the players are being taught and trained by the coach and assistant coach. Our President helps to prioritize our goals and keeps it on track by working within the club’s framework.

♣ RCCG Western Canada Games Soccer Gold Medal – 2015
♣ Edmonton Division 4 Outdoor League Title – 2014/15
♣ Edmonton Division 3 Indoor League 3rd Position – 2014/5

At present, in the Alberta province, soccer is the largest youth sport played – surpassing hockey. In order to increase the number of people deriving leisure and pleasure from this sport, Eternity FC is recruiting more non-playing personnel to help with the effective running of the club including developing a vibrant fan club for people with special interest in soccer but who are unable to play for one reason or the other.

Phone: 587-335-3058

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