House Fellowship

House Fellowship

These are the unit cells of Rhema Chapel where you can grow together with fellow Christians, form relationships and become part of the zeitgeist of our fellowship.

Why should I attend a House Fellowship?
Being part of a House Fellowship will give you an opportunity to develop deep, lasting relationships in a warm and welcoming atmosphere. You can explore the Scripture, pray for one another, meet each other’s needs and reach out to others through our House Fellowships.

When do House Fellowships meet?
They meet every Sunday of the month from 6 pm except First Sunday.

Where are the House Fellowships located?
Rhema Chapel offers a variety of House Fellowship locations in and around the Edmonton area. Please look over the current House Fellowship locations listed below and find a home of homes near you.

16710 – 112A Street
Edmonton, AB T5X 0A8
17642 – 61A Street
Edmonton, AB T5Y 0K8
#304, 6515 – 177 Street
Edmonton, AB T5T 3T5
2346 – 139 Avenue
Edmonton, AB T5Y 1R7
#103, 8515 – 106A Avenue
Edmonton, AB T5H 0K7
#205, 5805 – 112 Street
Edmonton, AB T6H 3J4
3305 – 48 Street
Edmonton, AB T6L 5S7
7027 Cardinal Way
Edmonton, AB T6W 1Z1
13512 – 57 Street
Edmonton, AB T5A2G6
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