Identifying Your Talents

Monday, December 14th, 2015

Prospering at all times is strongly dependent upon the discernment of your talents, gifts and callings. Everyone has at least one talent given to him by God. One of the reasons why some people have not experienced the vision of God for their lives is that they are consumed by what is happening in other people’s lives. If you do not know who you are, people will impose “who you are not,” on you.

What is a talent? A talent is an innate ability or a natural endowment you are born with; it is what makes you a unique entity. It is your differential factor because if you are not different, you are not needed. It can also be described as something you have a flair for; something you do with ease; something you excel in doing; something you are just naturally inspired to do well.

For example, there are people who sing with ease; and then there are those who attend music school for five years and still do not know how to sing. There are those who attended culinary schools but whose food will cause a restaurant to close down due to a lack of appeal. Yet, there are those who did not attend any culinary school but through innate ability will cook scrumptious meals.

Likewise, there are those who have the flair for sports and have mastered the techniques of sportsmanship. There are some individuals that whatever product they choose to sell, sells as a result of innate talent for business. There are equally people who are not business-savvy, but are hardworking employees who truly earn their wages. What is it that gets you excited and has value for prosperity? You can soar high and rise above your circumstances by identifying your talent(s).