Men’s Fellowship

Men's Fellowship

To develop and implement sustainable programs that improve our relationship with God, inspire men to provide godly leadership in their homes, drive strong bonding among men, and that empower men in a holistic way thus improving their financial position, career progress and enhancing their professional and personal skills.

To be men of honour indeed: men who have an intimate walk with God, who wholeheartedly embrace the God-given responsibility of raising a godly home and who are financially empowered and well equipped to fulfill God’s purpose and excel in all ramifications of life.

Welcome To Honor
What makes a man honorable? Is it his education? Is it wealth? Is it his position and influence over others? Is it his numerous accolades, titles and conspicuous decorations that weigh down from his chest? Real honor is a great virtue and should never be mistaken for any of these. Real honor (as a virtue) stems from the heart, is rooted in a person’s value system and eventually shows up in a person’s words and deeds.

Honor connotes honesty and integrity and is reflected in a man’s ability to make the right decision and adhere to the truth and righteousness. Honor goes beyond making sacrifices. It is making sacrifices to better the lot of others even when there is no immediate benefit for you. Real Honor comes by living for a purpose beyond your interest. Honor is a reward for humility and the reverent fear of the Lord (Proverbs 22:4). Honor is not to be exchanged for anything else. Positions don’t exist forever, wealth could be stolen, money can lose value BUT honor is a virtue that cannot be stolen.


  • Prayer & Faith Clinic
  • Leadership Development
  • Men’s Movie Night
  • Empowerment Seminar
  • Couple’s Night
  • Family Banquet

Do you want to be among the Men of Honor? Simply call this number: 587-879-9596 or email:, or talk to any of the leaders.