Women’s Fellowship

Women's Fellowship

The Women’s fellowship inspires, encourages and teaches women to attain excellence in every area of their lives just like the Proverbs 31 woman. We learn to be role models who will sincerely embrace our God-given responsibility of raising a godly home to fulfill God’s purpose.

To be virtuous women with the heart that pleases God. Regardless of age, the women’s fellowship provides opportunities for spiritual growth, service and fellowship.

Together, we develop and implement sustainable programs that inform our spiritual and social responsibilities in the home, church and the community at large. Our programs and initiatives for this year include:


Prayer Retreat
We slip away from all the business of this world to seek our Heavenly Father in whom we can find rest and strength. A generation of praying women, who will stand as graceful pillars of strength in their homes and community, is being raised. Jesus often withdrew for prayers (Luke 5:16), this was very important to Him.

Weekly Prayer Sessions
These are times of intercessory prayers focused on the church, families and the nation.
Teleconference – Every Thursday (except for the last) at 8 – 9 pm
Faith Clinic – Last Thursdays at 6 – 7 pm in the church auditorium

Welcoming of Newly-Weds
As a caring and nurturing group, we welcome our newly-weds with open arms, get to know them and share home building experiences with them. This is a start to the Titus 2:4-5 mandate, which places the responsibility of teaching younger women upon the mature, godly women. The experience, compassion, and spiritual maturity of older women create an immensely powerful reservoir of valuable, God-given strength from which the younger ones can benefit.

These are times of learning with opportunities to interact with other women on important topics like Child care, Finances, Health, Marriage, Women’s Health, Cooking etc

Love Feast/Movie Night
In a relaxing atmosphere, movies with marriage and family building themes are screened. This is aimed at uniting all women in fellowship.

Do you want to be among the Women of Virtue? Simply call this number: 780-200-8219 or email: women@rhemachapel.ca, or talk to any of the leaders.