Building with the Word to impact our World


To make heaven.
To take as many people with us.
To equip believers in Christ to live abundantly and pleasing to God.

Our Core Values from our name RHEMA

R – Righteousness
H – Humility
E – Excellence
M – Mercy
A – Accountability

Righteousness. We emphasize salvation by grace alone as the free gift of God, and the importance of righteousness to reflect the reality of our new life in Christ.

Humility. We embody humility and serve one another with the heart of Christ. Our service to each other is manifested through a great attitude and extreme effort to be helpful and loving to all people.

Excellence. We demand excellence of ourselves by exceptional practices, which lead to exceptional results. We continue to strive for uncompromising quality in we do.

Mercy. We show mercy, because we all stumble sometimes and require help getting back on track. We offer mercy to one other and are willing to receive it from one other.

Accountability. We are accountable to God and one another for our conduct. We exhibit discipline and consistency in our walk with God and living by His Word.