Finance Department

The mission of the Finance & Accounting Department is to provide cost effective and efficient accounting and financial management services to the Board of Trustees (Board) and stakeholders.

Timely, accurate, clear and complete financial information is provided through budgetary and financial reporting, management information systems, forecasting and procedural development.

The department is driven by the following values:

Trust and Accountability: The team is bonded by trust for one another and we are bound by our words.
Quality: A high standard of excellence drives Finance to provide outstanding levels of support and service. The Department continuously strives to be exemplary in all activities and to exceed expectations.
Integrity: The Finance & Accounting Department commits to conforming to the highest level of ethical standards.
Leadership: The Department leads by example, encouraging growth and development.
Teamwork: Finance aims to make the best decisions collectively and in the best interest of Rhema Chapel. As a team, we capitalise on the strengths of each member.

The department is comprised of two (2) main units:

Cash Processing: This team is in charge of all cash collections and processing activities.
Accounting Operations: This team is in charge of all financial reporting activities.

The Department renders support and service to the line functions within the Rhema Chapel with the following key performance areas:

- Treasury, cash processing and management.
- Prepare and issue the annual unaudited financial statements.
- Preparation and evaluation of management accounts whenever the board requires it.
- Ensure compliance to applicable statutes, regulations and financial reporting standards.
- Develop and maintain effective systems of internal and financial control.
- Develop and maintain efficient management information systems.
- Provide sound advice on the financial and tax implications of decisions.
- Preparation and monitoring of annual budgets and forecasts.
- Develop and ensure adherence to financial and accounting policies and procedures.