The Help and Support Department is an arm of Rhema Chapel whose core mandate is to help, support and assist church members as well as people living in the community with any spiritual or material challenges they’re being faced with.

“You shall love your neighbor as yourself.” (Matthew 22:39)

• To help and assist brothers and sisters in need irrespective of nationality, race, gender or culture.
• To help attend to both spiritual and material needs.
• To encourage, counsel and mentor those in need of assistance.
• To give succour to those who have one form of challenge or the other.

• Financial. We assist members in need of financial assistance to the best of our ability.
• Material. We give out food products, clothing materials and baby friendly products to those in need.
• Transportation. We help church members in need of transportation services to move around.
• Accommodation. We help accommodate church members with housing needs in the Church house.
• Legal. We try to provide some free legal counseling services to those in need.
• Healthcare. We help in payment of some health services to those with no healthcare coverage. Also we provide some nutritional and healthy lifestyle tips to those who need them.
• Employment. We link church members in need of jobs with our various job contacts.
• Spiritual. We help to counsel and pray with those people with spiritual challenges.

Any questions or feedback with regards the Help & Support Department should be directed to the coordinator.