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Our job network is inspired to provide resources and support for the new members of our community. We connect job seekers with valuable resources and industry insights to empower them for their next job.

Resume Review

Our free Resume-review services give you accurate, unbiased feedback about your document and how to optimize your Resume to boost your job application and land you a job.

Mock Interviews

It is one thing to participate in an interview but quite another to ace it. You’ll learn from our career counsellors how to pass your upcoming job interview.

One-on-One Support

We provide personalized guidance and advice from experienced career mentors. Our dedicated team of volunteers is here to support you in your job search process.

Workshops and Webinars (Coming Soon)

We organize workshops and webinars conducted by industry experts and HR professionals, covering topics like resume building, interview skills, and career development.

Job search (coming soon)

Able to provide Job search resources and give helpful tips on where to look for the job. We partner with companies and local businesses in the community to provide information and resources to help you get more interviews.

Join our community (Coming Soon)

Join our WhatsApp community of job seekers to get job updates and gain access to valuable resources, workshop updates, and networking opportunities.

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