Started in September 5 2019


Homework Club for Grades 1-6


Thursdays (12:30pm – 4:30pm)


Edmonton Intercultural Center

9538 – 107 Avenue (McCauley School), Edmonton AB T5H 0T7

About Rhema Kids Club

Rhema Kids Club is a free after-school program where grades 1-6 children can get assistance with their homework.


What is the goal of Rhema Kids Club Program?

  • To provide additional time for children struggling academically to improve on needed skills
  • To help bridge existing achievement gaps through academic support
  • To support all-round development of the children – academic, spiritual, physical, and emotional


What we offer:

  • Homework Help – Math, Language Arts, Science
  • Bible story, Fun games, Crafts, Gym etc.
  • Healthy snack and meal


Why join the club:

  • An ideal option for working parents or new immigrant families with language barriers who are unable to assist their children with challenging homework and reading.
  • Safe after-school environment


What children should know:

  • Respect Volunteers: Listen to and obey them
  • Respect Others: No name calling, hitting, or bullying behaviors
  • Respect Equipment and the Facility: Use the space and equipment provided safely and help clean up as needed.

Kids Club Registration

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Kids Club Volunteer Registration

We are also seeking volunteers who are able to teach and provide Christ like
mentoring to the children. Teens, adults and seniors welcomed. Interested in joining the
team, complete the online application form.