Homework Club for Grades 1-6


Thursdays (1:00pm – 6:00pm)


We Are Now Online

To Join, Contact (587)-712-7224 or (780)-394-1402

About Rhema Kids Club

Rhema Kids Club is a free after-school program where grades 1-6 children can get assistance with their homework.


What is the goal of the Rhema Kids Club Program?

  • To provide additional time for children struggling academically to improve on needed skills
  • To help bridge existing achievement gaps through academic support
  • To support the all-round development of the children – academic, spiritual, physical, and emotional


What we offer:

  • Homework Help – Math, Language Arts, Science
  • Bible story, Fun games, Crafts, Gym, etc.
  • Healthy snack and meal


Why join the club:

  • An ideal option for working parents or new immigrant families with language barriers who are unable to assist their children with challenging homework and reading.
  • Safe after-school environment 

What children should know:

  • Respect Volunteers: Listen to and obey them
  • Respect Others: No name-calling, hitting, or bullying behaviors
  • Respect Equipment and the Facility: Use the space and equipment provided safely and help clean up as needed.

Kids Club Volunteer Registration