This is an amazing team of helpers and doorkeepers (Psalms 84:10) committed to serving the body of Christ by maintaining an environment that is conducive for people to worship God. We meet and greet people, maintain orderliness during all services, and support people as needed.

Ushers are the Lord’s Public Relations Officers (PROs) as they are the first point of contact for the congregation or members of the community visiting the church. Therefore it is highly important for members to be born-again Christians who are able to represent God within and outside the church. We welcome to our team, genuine lovers of God, who have the hearts to serve others selflessly.

The core of our MISSION is to:

- Be joyful and humble servants to God, the Pastorate and the Congregation.
- Facilitate a conducive and safe environment for worship, fellowship and receiving the Word of God.
- Identify different personalities and special needs in the church, in order to offer effective help and support.
- Be effective points of conflicts or problem resolution during services through Godly wisdom.
- Be providers of prompt and appropriate liaison between the congregation and the Pastorate.