Believer’s Academy

Believer's Academy

You are welcome to the “Believer’s Academy.” The believer’s academy was carefully established to meet important knowledge needs, which include: a body of knowledge necessary for facilitating the spiritual growth of new converts into true disciples and choice teachings on the fundamental spiritual principles (elementary teachings) of the Christian faith.

The purpose and objectives of the believer’s academy is distilled below:

  • To equip God’s people with the necessary spiritual knowledge needed for a victorious, fruitful and productive Christian life aimed at fulfilling divine purpose here on earth and ultimately making heaven.
  • To cater for:
    • The needs of new converts and young believers who need to grow into reliable disciples
    • The needs of church members who want to join the team of workers

Module 1: Kingdom Service (in RCCG)
Objective: To prepare willing Church members for effective service as worker’s in the house of God. It also serves a secondary objective of exposing intending workers to history of the Redeemed Christian Church of God as well as service ethics and basic administrative structure obtainable in the ministry.

This module consists of the following courses and last for a period of four (4) weeks.

  • Workers in Training
  • Humility and Kingdom Service

Module 2: Believers Class
Objective: To equip new converts and young believers for victorious Christian living.

This module consists of the following courses, taught over a period of nine (9) weeks

  • Understanding New Birth
  • Repentance
  • Sanctification
  • Water Baptism
  • Faith
  • Holy Spirit Baptism
  • Understanding Prayer
  • Effective Bible Study
  • Effective Evangelism

Three (3) full training sessions is scheduled each year.
First Session – January (2nd week) to April (4th week)
Second Session – May (3rd week) to August (4th week)
Third Session – September (2nd week) to December (3rd week)

Phone: 780-904-0549