The Rhema Counselling unit is the biblical counselling ministry of RCCG Rhema Chapel. This ministry exists to provide Christ-centered care for individuals and families who are seeking biblical guidance and assistance.

Our Vision and Mission


  • To serve and care for the overall well-being of each individual, encompassing spiritual, mental, relational, physical, and emotional health and well-being.
    Matthew 22 : 36 – 39


  • To assess and treat all concerns by integrating faith-based and psychological principles to help individuals cope and resolve challenging life issues

Our Purpose

  • To normalize counselling within the body of Christ and revitalize believers’ faith in the bible as the ultimate solution for emotional and psychological needs.
  • To encourage members on how to respond biblically to challenges in life and how to implement biblical principles, as well as psychological principles for holistic living.
  • To point Christians to the Bible and other community and mental health resources relevant to meeting their emotional, spiritual, relational and practical needs.
  • To bring people to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior of their lives.

Our Values

  • To facilitate spiritual restoration, for those seeking it, by assisting individuals in understanding God as portrayed in the Bible and revealed through the person of Jesus Christ via Scripture, prayer, and biblical principles.
  • Build a team of counsellors who provide counselees with attentive, empathetic, and reflective partnership in navigating their lives, through active listening, meeting them at their current stage, providing tools to move them forward, and guiding them toward a path to feeling better
  • Establish trust through open and honest communication, treat each other with respect and maintain a confidential and non-judgmental approach.

What kind of counselling is offered?

  • Counselling is available to assist with any problems that may arise, such as: marriage, parenting, addictions, fear, anger, grief, anxiety, stress, depression, life purpose, etc.
  • We also offer pre-marital counselling services to all intending couples using a candid and trusted resource, ensuring they embark on their marital journey with a solid foundation.

Who can come for counselling?

  • We offer counselling to all Rhema Chapel members.

Counsellors’ Expectation

Your counsellor will anticipate at least three commitments from you:

  • A readiness to embrace growth and transformation.
  • Consistent attendance at counselling sessions, unless unforeseen circumstances arise.
  • Dedication to completing homework assignments between counselling sessions to implement and ensure lasting change.

Counselling Intake Form