Testimony Time
Every first Sunday of the month, we host an inspiring and uplifting thanksgiving service, where we express our heartfelt gratitude to God. During our thanksgiving services you have an opportunity to share your testimonies with the Church family. We welcome your testimonies and look forward to celebrating God's goodness in your life.

We Want To Hear Your Testimonies

We offer multiple convenient options for sharing your testimonies.

Option #1 ChurchPad App: With this highly convenient approach, follow the easy steps below:

  • Click on the Testimony Wall in ChurchPad
  • Click on Add to add your testimony to the wall
  • Select the Category that best fits your testimony and type your testimony in the text box
  • Click on Add Images or Add Video to upload supporting images and videos to your testimonies
  • If you want to be anonymous, you can select the check box Mark as Anonymous
  • Lastly, submit your testimony by clicking Submit Testimony
  • After submitting your testimony on the Testimony Wall, you are welcome to still share it in person during the Thanksgiving Service. Please ensure to notify the officiating minister (See option #3)

Option #2 Email: Kindly indicate your interest to share a testimony during Thanksgiving Service by sending an email to testimony@rhemachapel.ca with your full name and a summary of the testimony. Please send your email on or before the Friday preceding the Thanksgiving Service

Option #3 Meet the Officiating Minister: On Thanksgiving Sundays, meet the officiating minister by 8:50am at the back of the welcome room (behind the altar). Even when using this option, we strongly encourage you to submit your testimony on the Testimony Wall.

Thank You, and God bless you for expressing gratitude to God and inspiring others with your testimonies.

What is a Testimony?

  • A Christian testimony is a personal eyewitness account of God’s doings (wondrous works) in your life or loved ones.
  • A Christian testimony is a report of all that God has done through you e.g. How God has transformed the lives of others through your acts of service, evangelism, and ministry (Acts 14:27, Acts 15:3-4, Acts 15:12)
  • A Christian testimony can also be the account of your personal journey to knowing Jesus Christ౼your conversion story. This kind of testimony, repeatedly given by Paul the Apostle, can serve to bring others to Christ. (Acts 22:1-21, Acts 23:1-11, Acts 26)

Why We Share Testimonies

  • To glorify God
  • To encourage and edify the Church of God
  • To stir up faith in the heart of the listening congregation
  • To showcase the character of God
  • To persuade men (people) and win them to Jesus Christ
  • To carefully preserve a chronicle of God’s wonders so our generation and future generations can study them (Psalm 111:2)

#Touching lives with our testimonies

#Preserving our testimonies for future generations