Believers Academy

To lay a sound spiritual foundation for all believers, in order to grow to become effective servants in God's vineyard.

Believers class will be an avenue for all believers to learn the fundamentals of Christianity. Every believer that goes through this class should be well grounded in elementary principles of doctrine of Christ. 1 Peter 2:2

Classes offered by Believers Academy

Believers Class

Believers class is a class that runs 2-3 sessions per year, it consists of 9 classes, each class taken once a week for the duration of 1hr. Students will be required to take an exam after the class.

Workers Training

Worker’s training is a compulsory class required for all that desire to join the Rhema chapel workforce. It is a 4weeks training and an exam will be taken after the classes.

Pls note: anyone that has not taken this class is technically not a member of the Rhema workforce.