The fellowship seeks to provide a platform for couples who are newly married (in the last three years) to be mentored, pray and fellowship together. The fellowship also seek to reach out to saved and unsaved young couples in our neighboring communities who are genuinely interested in enriching their experience in marriage relationship through the knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ


To build according to the pattern of God for every home (Exodus 25:8-9, 40); the tabernacle of God on earth, to ensure our homes serve as a model for others – A glimpse of heaven on earth.

The goal is to provide an avenue for couples seeking to build strong marriage and relationships through mentorship, friendship, frank discussions, and prayer and deliverance sessions


- One-on-One counseling and prayers every Sunday after service.
- Every third Saturday of the month: to be hosted rotationally by any of the couples. Refreshments to be shared, are provided by everyone. Time00 pm
- Retreats: Twice a year
- Prayer meetings
- Practical Biblical sessions on issues home builders face. e.g.
- Sex and the anointing
- Handling in-laws and “third parties”
- Avoiding and resolving conflicts
- Women’s rights and Godly authority in the home
- Avoiding and Overcoming depression and other health issues
- Temperaments
- Anger Management
- Time Management
- How to avoid “head-on collisions” at the intersection of Home, Career, and Ministry.
- Raising Godly children



Phone: 780-461-4210