We are called as followers of Christ to share His message of hope and love, leading others to a life-changing personal relationship with Him. Christ calls us to share His promise of eternal love in and outside the church, so that others can do the same.

We work with other ministries within the Church to develop creative ways of sharing the gospel with those in our community.

To win souls and equip members of the church to be effective soul winners.


Door-to-door Evangelism
It is an approach to evangelism where we go from household to household in a certain area to evangelize to residents, often in conjunction with passing out gospel tracts.

Evangelism Training
Many at time evangelism can be the most feared aspect of our Christian calling. As such, the evangelism team conducts a 2-hour training workshop once a year to encourage, empower and educate individuals on the necessary skills and beliefs required for a fruitful evangelist.

Outdoor Events
During summer months, Rhema evangelism team partners with one or a few other church department to conduct outdoor community outreach events as part of collective method to introduce the love of Christ to our community in a relaxed atmosphere.

Collaboration Opportunities
We live in a highly sensitized environment, one that is not particularly Christian based and thus, the work is enormous in terms of evangelism. The Evangelism team is constantly seeking opportunities to foster collaborative relationships with other Christian based organizations who share our foundational beliefs.

Required Skills: Desire & Compassion to win over unsaved people for Christ.