To be part of what God is doing at this end-time and to advance His kingdom by helping at least 75% of those who come to Rhema Chapel for the first time to make it their home church.

- Our MISSION is to make sure that our visitors know that we love and appreciate them for worshipping with us at Rhema Chapel.

- We want to take care of our guests and offer them any assistance to encourage them to become regular members.

- We check if the information given by our guests is accurate and correct on the cards given our newcomers; serve them refreshments, pray with them and continue to pray for them.

- We help people to establish a connection with God and the church and open up their lives to be blessed through prayers.

- We establish a relationship with people by contacting them so that they feel joined to us and feel close to God.

- Sometimes, it is necessary to provide counseling or giving the opportunity to people that are new in our midst to accept Christ and pray with them.

- We like to respect and deal politely with our new people for them to be comfortable and feel at home in their Father’s house.


- We acknowledge the presence of our new people by taking time during the service to publicly appreciate their coming to fellowship with us.

- There’s always a call to action in the course of the service whereby we extend our hands of fellowship to our newcomers by greeting them with special songs and taking them to a special place for refreshments.

- People who are new to Canada or to Edmonton are taken care of by our Help and Support Unit.

- Our Pastor follows up new people with a personalized email to each person and during the week there’s always a call from a member of the team to check on our new people.


There are three major groups in the church apart from the children: men, women and young adults. All the groups have their representatives in the follow-up department for effectiveness.

For more information about our operation as a church, you need a ride to get to church or you need to find your way to church to come and fellowship with God’s people.