Creative Excellence, Communicating Vision.


  • To effectively enhance, complement and serve the worship and pastoral ministries of Rhema Chapel.
  • To spiritually grow, create, and dream bigger.
  • To aid, direct, and inspire members in worship, and attention to the Word.
  • To assist in vision-casting through professional graphics, sounds, imagery, and videos.

As God enables us, we shall:

  1. Perfect PowerPoint presentations to an unprecedented creative and technical level.
  2. Employ worship presentation software and hardware to its full potential in services and programs.
  3. Employ industry standards in sounds, graphics and video production to enhance services, evangelism, programs and conferences.
  4. Produce and maintain a quality, cutting-edge interactive website.
  5. Create quality promotional and house materials using print and digital media.
  6. Produce a cutting-edge webcast ministry.


  1. Maintain a master file of songs with accurate lyrics, labels, punctuations and spellings.
  2. Present announcements visually, making the most of color, graphics, wording, and sound available to us.
  3. Accurately prepare slide presentations to enhance speakers’ notes, as requested.
  4. Precisely present songs, announcements, and notes with minimal error, immediately correcting errors that occur as soon as possible after notice.
  5. Resourcefully seek constant improvement in every area of presentation.
  6. Cheerfully serve and work with related departments, communicating respectfully with all individuals despite deadlines, pressure, or last minute changes.
  7. Regularly communicate with the Pastorate, keeping them abreast of changes, budget concerns, challenges, etc.
  8. Faithfully perform all duties with God as our inspiration and the reason we serve.