The Chosen Ones…….Deut 7:6-9, Deut 14:2

Group of matured singles

Called with defined focus and mandate by God.

To seek God with all our heart

And administer effectively the skills, giftings and resources released into our care

for His service and kingdom on earth

………… called not to be idle!


  • Develop matured singles spiritually, maritally and intellectually to dominate in our world as royals and priest.


  • Create a conducive environment where we can fellowship and develop spiritually.
  • Develop a professional platform for networking.
  • Provide Leadership training opportunity to strengthen current skill and discover new potential.
  • Initiate opportunities to use our leadership skills and giftings to serve the need within God’s Kingdom.
  • Learn spiritual principles necessary to establish foundation for Christian homes through structured programs.
  • Be practical example of believers in a godless world.



Phone: 780-461-4210